Trip The Breaker

Trip The Breaker

The Band

This is who we are and what we do.



A power house of vocals that defines the sound of Trip The Breaker!
We let him bang the drums sometimes too.

Influences: Steve Perry, Journey, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Queen.




A vocalist at heart.

With more than 15 years of singing Dianne truly loves a large variety of musical styles. Starting with classic rock all the way to jazz standards.

This gave her the opportunity to sing in rock bands, weddings bands, tour the middle east and work in recording studios as a hired vocalist.

Her favorire artists / Influences are Heart, Janis Joplin, Rush, Ozzy, Alice Cooper Michael Jackson, Etta James and loves 70's disco.




A "keep the groove steady" kind of player. Past local bands have included KarmaCode, Your ALIBI, Madhatter, and Shadowvale.

Influenced by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath.




Playing guitar for 30 plus years, Rod (aka Gord) has covered most styles through the years, but remains a 70's and 80's rocker at heart. Always up for a good jam and playing live.

Influences include Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Satriani, Brent Masson, etc.




Roger joins us for the summer to be the driving beat and rolling thunder behind TTB.

Influences include but not limited to Ian Paice, John Bonham and Neil Peart.



Guitar & vocals

Ron joins us for the summer to round out the blazing guitar attack.

Ron has been playing guitar for over 40 years and toured Canada twice professionallly. He has worked as a session guitarist for recording studio's and bands.

Influences include but not limited to Les Paul, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Randy Rhoads, Slash